The Intelligent Student's Guide to Learning at University

By Geoff Cooper.

Published by The Learner, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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You’re about to start a university degree, and whether you have just left school or are returning to study after some years there are many things you need to know about learning at university. This invaluable guide will assist you to understand all facets of your university study and to become a
successful and satisfied student.
It will enable you to:
• become an active, independent and self-directed learner;
• adjust to the academic expectations (of ten assumed and unspoken) and the university environment;
• gain practical skills and strategies for learning:
• develop transferable skills and attitudes for lifelong learning;
• concentrate on understanding as the key to university learning;
• be self-confident as a university student;
• avoid some of the common mistakes made by students in their first year;
• become a successful learner.

Reflection and evaluation exercises at the beginning of each chapter provide an opportunity to evaluate your current learning habits, prepare you for new ideas and make you more aware of the experience of learning. Advice from other students—genuine voices taken from a survey of exiting first year students—will assist you to see some of the pitfalls and methods of recovery. Finally, useful templates for a weekly study timetable, testtaking strategies and a semester planner are also provided.

Keywords: Student Guide, Evaluation exercises, Learning Habits, Students, Study Timetable, Test taking Strategies, Semester Planner

Book: Print (Paperback). Book: Electronic (PDF File; 739.411KB). Published by The Learner, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, Illinois.

Dr. Geoff Cooper

Dr Geoff Cooper is Senior Learning and Research Skills Advisor in Student Services at the University of Western Australia. He studied English at the University of Birmingham: BA (Hons) and MA (research). He then obtained a PhD from Queen's University at Kingston in Canada for a thesis on the works of Chaucer. He has taught in English departments at universities in Canada and Zimbabwe and Australia. He took up his present position at the Student Services in 1991. He teaches a number of workshop courses on learning and research skills at under- and post-graduate levels, as well as providing counselling on academic matters, thereby meeting a wide variety of students from a range of disciplines. He has received two Excellence in Teaching Awards, one for innovation in teaching and the other for his individual teaching achievements.


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